Medicare Saving Account

Based on your questions a Medicare MSA could be the best option for your health insurance needs. Take control with our Medicare MSA.




Annual Deposit 

No Network

No Referral

What is a Healthcare MSA?

A high-deductible health plan plus a special, medical savings account. You receive an initial deposit into your account. The is yours to spend, move to your own bank and/or invest.


Establish high-deductible health plan AND medical savings account


Your MSAHealthcare deposits money into your MSA bank account


You use your funded account to pay for your health care expenses


Plan pays for Medicare-covered services once you reach the deductible

How Far Does The Deposit Go?

Your annual deposit amount stretches farther than you might think, according to Medicare’s most frequently used procedure costs.

New Patient Doctor Visits

$45 – $210

Existing Patient Doctor Visit

$22 – $148

Joint Aspiration/Injection


Derm Biopsies


Eye and Cataract






Emergency Room


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