We are proud to offer premier financial planning and exclusive investment services to our clients.

“As a Certified Financial Planner myself, I understand that health insurance is one small piece of a person’s financial plan & failure to consider all essential areas of concern leaves a client vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances. We think of financial planning as insurance for your livelihood, which is why we partner with a firm that offers complimentary financial plans and exclusive investment services to our clients.”

– Jonathan Hawkins CFP Ⓡ CSA 
Hawkins Insurance Group

What makes us unique

First and foremost, we are “fiduciaries”. Unlike the majority of financial advisors today, fiduciaries have a legal obligation to do what is best for their clients & not their pocketbooks or bottom lines.

We’re proud to offer our clients access to exclusive services that are normally only available to pensions and endowments. We are able to do this because, as a firm, we manage many Institutional accounts and can provide the same investment opportunities to you that would otherwise be limited to clients in excess of $25M at other firms.

We operate as Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), which means we are held to a fiduciary standard. We sign a fiduciary contract with every one of our clients outlining our duty of loyalty and care, which is quite rare in the industry. Simply put, we make recommendations that are best for you, period. If you are currently working with a financial advisor of a Broker Dealer (i.e.: JP Morgan, Edward Jones, Morgan Stanley etc), please know that they are first and foremost business people who almost always charge commissions and are not required by law to act in your best interests.

For example: a standard broker-dealer markup on a bond will often decrease the income you receive by more than 10%, which amounts to several thousand dollars over the life of the bond. Through our bond-brokerage desks, we are able to reduce or totally eliminate trading costs and find higher income producing securities while building a more robust portfolio for you. By offering lower fees and lower acquisition costs, we provide you with a higher yield immediately which leads to a greater annual return for you.

Investment Philosophy

We strive to produce investment returns that expose our client portfolios to markedly less risk and volatility over an entire market cycle while still preserving capital. We believe that this “protection of principal” mentality has proven effective during the most highly volatile conditions of recent market cycles. As investors, we focus on the securities we believe are undervalued and often possess company specific catalysts for future appreciation and attractive total-return potential. Looking forward, we feel that our goal of providing steady, consistent performance will continue to differentiate our strategy and make our investment selection particularly attractive. 

Your Personal Financial Architects

We help clients organize their lives by getting their “financial house” in order . While this end goal might be simple, the process to get there may seem daunting. Therefore, we make it easy by providing a full financial overview (“Blueprint”) covering essential topics such as investments, insurance, retirement, estate, and tax planning, just to name a few. When we do our job right, our clients can act with confidence and lower their financial anxiety. More than 90% of our clients engage in both a financial planning and an investment relationship with us which helps to actively track and achieve their goals. Get started on your Blueprints today. Click on the links below to learn more and start building your Financial Plan.

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