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We bundle healthcare policies to lower the monthly and yearly cost for families and individuals. Grouping or bundling policies provides you with a custom healthcare plan that fits your needs.

Health Policies For Family and Individuals

These 4 suggested policies, bundled together, provide a substantial amount of coverage for a fraction of the cost of traditional major medical plans. The main policy is our “Affordable Choice Policy” and the other 3 policies are added to increase your healthcare coverage.

Affordable Choice Policy

  • Lifetime coverage maximum of 5 million
  • Cover hospitals, doctors, and surgeries
  • Free Teledoc visits
  • There is an underwriting process

Hospital Admission Policy

  • Pays directly to you for hospital admission
  • Low monthly premium
  • Small outpatient surgery benifts included

Major Illness Policy

  • Coverage for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Set cash benefits paid to you
  • No yearly increase in rates
  • Rate determined on youngest spouse age.

Accident Coverage

  • Pays up to $10,000 for an accident.
  • Pays in addition to any other insurance.
  • $250 deductible
  • No underwritting necessary

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Curious on how much money you can save on health insurance?  We will send you a quote for all 4 policies plus a Dental/Vision/Hearing plan.   Do not worry, we do not sell your infomation to one of those annoying call centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider a cash-pay plan instead of a traditional ACA plan?

Unless you qualify for government subsidies, traditional ACA (also known as “Marketplace” or “Obamacare”) plans can be very expensive, limit you to a specific network of doctors and hospitals, and require you to meet large deductibles. Cash-Pay plans outline the benefits you will receive for certain medical needs and start paying immediately because there are no deductibles. While they are associated with a network that may provide some discounts, you are not limited to only using providers within this specific network. Also, premiums are usually significantly lower than ACA plans.

How do I find out if my doctor is in the cash-pay plan network?

Please visit www.multiplan.com and click “Find a Provider”. The network is “MultiPlan” and the plan is a “Limited Benefit Plan”. From there, you can search a list of providers in your area. If your desired provider is NOT in the network, then that’s okay! You can still receive your benefits from your cash-pay plan.

What are “Short Term Medical” plans, and do you sell them?

Short term medical pays benefits like a major medical insurance plan, but for a length of time you select, up to one year. You must requalify for these plans each year. We do sell these plans and have found that they work very well when coupled with a cash-pay plan, which does not require you to requalify each year.

I’ve heard a lot about “cost-sharing” or “faith-based” plans. Can you explain these?

These plans were very popular a few years ago when the ACA tax penalty was in effect. They are usually run by non-profits and market to very healthy individuals who either agree to share a similar set of healthy living values, or are members of a religious organization. The monthly premiums are very affordable and attractive, but it is important to remember that these are NOT insurance. We generally do not recommend these plans to our clients.

Does anyone qualify?

. There is an underwritting process. Typically preexsiting conditions are not covered if you need treatment but you can still have the policy for all other issues.  You can not be pregnate, have HIV or Cancer.  You will not qualify for these plans, and need to purchase from the health exchange. 

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