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We bundle healthcare policies to lower the monthly and yearly cost for families and individuals. Grouping or bundling policies provides you with a custom healthcare plan that fits your needs.

Health Policies For Family and Individuals

Interested in health insurance for yourself or your family? Checking out The Marketplace is a great place to start. Click the link below to see if you qualify for enrollment.

Qualify for an ACA plan during this Open Enrollment Period?

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In our experience, many individuals will qualify for a government issued subsidy through The Marketplace which helps lower your monthly premiums. However, plans can be costly without these subsidies. We’re proud to offer many different insurance options that will provide great protection for all needs and budgets through policies like:

  • Catastrophic Plans
  • Guaranteed Renewable Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Hospital Admission
  • Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke
  • Dental Policies
  • Accident Coverage
  • And more!


We recommend these policies to individuals & families who are looking for an alternative to Marketplace plans, as well as those who are looking to supplement the gaps & holes found in their ACA or Group Insurance policies.

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“Hardest working insurance agents I know. I don’t know of anyone else who will drive 4-5 hours to meet with a client face-to-face. Honest, caring, and informative.” –Katie C.

“Both Jonathan & Emily have saved me money on insurance. A few years ago, Jonathan switched my supplemental insurance to a better policy, reducing my premium. Almost a year ago Emily saved me over $1000 per year on my prescription drug policy. I highly recommend them for helping you with your insurance. They really care about serving their clients!” –Bobbie K.

“Not only my personal insight, but people I’ve referred to the Hawkins’ always walk away with a great experience. Their knowledge and approachable guidance help make the important decisions on healthcare an easy one – that works. They are the best.” — Scotty O.

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