Medicare Supplement Plan (F/G/N)

Based on your questions a Medicare F, G, or N Supplement Plan could be your best option for your health insurance needs

Choosing the Right Plan

Original Medicare can be difficult to understand at best and Medicare Supplement insurance plans can be a daunting task! We are here to help. You may be asking yourself, “which Medicare Supplement insurance policy is right for me?” Well, It depends on what you are looking for. Some plans have no out-of-pocket expenses, while others have a only a deductible or even multiple deductibles and co-pays. In our experience, there are three plans that our clients usually choose from:​

Plan F

No deductibles, no copays. This is a relatively expensive plan and, in our experience, has a high percentage of rate increases per year. This is typically a popular plan with people who don’t want to have a deductible or copay.

Plan G

One annual deductible (mandated by Medicare & typically less than $200), with very small rate increases every year (usually half as much as a Plan F). This has become a very popular plan in the last few years and is great for people who want to save more money and still have great coverage. 

Plan N

One annual deductible (less than $200) with Dr. office copays (of less than $20) and ER copays (less than $50). This is a less expensive plan with typically fewer rate increases than Plan G and F. We recommend this plan for the savvy shopper who doesn’t visit the doctor very often.

Medicare Supplement Plan Providers

There are many different Medicare Supplement Providers that offer Medicare Supplement plans.  Fill out the form below to compare prices (don’t worry, we will never sell your information).