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Our comprehensive approach and active management style is a breath of fresh air to clients who have traditionally served in the commission-based investment model. If you are looking for fee transparency, active investment and financial planning approach; then we are the team to best serve you. 


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Fiduciary Advisors

Daniel Driver and Garrett Adams

Meet The Experts

Daniel Driver

Dan is a private wealth advisor located in Fort Worth.  Dan provides comprehensive financial planning to his clients aligning their investment strategy to their financial plan.  His success is measured on his client’s success in reaching their goals on their timeline.

Dan graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s in Finance and the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Economics.  He started in the financial service industry in 2009 during the Global Financial Crisis having worked with UBS and Fidelity.  In 2013, Dan started his financial planning business with a focus on servicing the families and businesses in his community.  He brought his business and investment experience to TCG advisors to become a Fiduciary and have the ability to adjust client portfolios more quickly to better serve his clients.

Dan is married to his wife Shonnah and is a proud father of their 2-year-old son Hollis.  In Dan’s spare time, he enjoys playing soccer in the backyard with Hollis, reading, playing golf, boating, and making dinner with Shonnah.

Garrett Adams

Garrett graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s in Economics and started his career in the financial services industry with Edward Jones based out of St Louis. He sat on the client relations desk along with serving as the advisor to several branch offices based across the United States. Wanting to come back to Texas, Garrett took a position as the financial advisor in an office in Arlington, Texas. There he continued to work with both individuals and businesses on a more personal level to achieve their financial goals.

Today he continues his work as a Registered Investment Advisor while serving in a fiduciary capacity for his clients. Garrett lives in Fort Worth, where he’s not only active in the community but also active in furthering his education. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree from Texas A&M University School of Law where he plans to graduate in December of 2020. His goal is to specialize in Tax and Estate planning for his clients.

In addition, he serves on the board of The Ladder Alliance, which is a non-profit based in Fort Worth dedicated to helping women affected by domestic violence obtain the tools to lead self-reliant, independent and successful lives.  When time allows, he also enjoys squeezing a round of golf into his weekend activities.

Proven Process

We promise a deep commitment to listening and providing full financial planning advice. Below outlines the sets in our financial planning process:

Step 1. Discovery

We will both learn a lot about each other and determine if this is a good fit for an ongoing relationship. This is your chance to ask whatever questions you have about our services, philosophies, process and fees.

Step 2: Clarify (Data Meeting)

We (utilize) several tools to help us understand what is important to you and why. We review your goals, current and future. During this meeting, will also review your current financial situation and clarify some of your financial data.

Step 3: Development

After you have defined your goals, our team takes your information and creates a personalized strategy to help you pursue them. You will receive a detailed strategy for all the key financial areas that apply to your situation.

Step 4: Implementation

The very best financial plan is worthless if the plan is not implemented and monitored. If you need estate planning, we will coordinate with your attorney to make sure it gets done. If you need insurance, we’ll make sure you get it. We will ensure that you have a solid investment portfolio that is goal-based, diversified, allocated appropriately and professionally managed.

Step 5: Monitor and Adjust

As time goes by, circumstances change. Your plan may need to change too. Today’s goal may not be the same as tomorrow’s dream. As your life changes, new things become important to you. That’s why it is important to review your goals and objectives on a regular basis with annual planning reviews and ongoing monitoring.

Timeline-Quarterly Meetings

1st. Quarter meeting:

In the first quarter meeting, we review the previous year; cash flow, savings rate, return on investment(s), inflation rate, and ultimately how well we worked to help you achieve your goals.  We provide our outlook for the current year and will recommend appropriate changes to your investments along with your financial plan to keep advancing your financial goals.

2nd Quarter meeting:

In this meeting, we rebalance all outside accounts, re-evaluate your risk tolerance, and ensure your investments reflect your risk tolerance and your goals.  We spend time discussing in greater detail your investments; how they work and why you own them. You should know why you own every investment.  

3rd Quarter meeting:

This is the protection meeting. We have designed this meeting to focus on protecting your overall financial plan and leveraging other professional relationships (all independents) to take the necessary steps.  We review your insurance policies from Home & Auto, Life insurance, and Long Term Care insurance, to your estate plan and the necessary documents.  If you are still employed, we review your eligible benefits through your employer and help you to select the appropriate coverage before your open enrollment period ends, saving you time and money.

4th Quarter meeting:

This is a tax planning meeting.  In this meeting, we will run a tax projection for the current year based on account distributions, capital gains and dividends, and earned income, as well as deductions.  We are able to identify opportunities before the year ends and upcoming challenges so you can have months to prepare.  

In addition to tax planning, we use this time to re-balance all outside accounts as many studies have illustrated semi-annual re-balancing is the most effective strategy to help your investments reflect your risk tolerance.

Financial Planning Fee

We offer a free introductory financial plan for our clients. For families and small businesses interested in engaging in an ongoing planning relationship we charge an annual fee to cover the 4 meetings a year. That fee is based on the complexity of your financial situation, and ranges from $600 for the most simple client to $1500 for a small business where we will review your cash flow, P&L and balance sheet.

In addition to normal online functions, we provide all clients with access to a personal cloud financial planning tool where clients can link external accounts including assets, liabilities and checking accounts to monitor changes to their financial plan, budget and advisor recommendations.  This tool also has a secure feature where we can share documents like tax returns and estate planning documents in a secure personal cloud file.

No longer will you receive a one time plan; this is truly a working document that updates daily.

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